Urban Saints Guildford Stoke Park London Road Guildford Surrey GU1 1TU

Key Contacts

Group Leader: Jagat Shrestha

About: Profile_PaddyJagat has been greatly impacted by the work of the group since he started as a young person in 2008. Jagat loves leading at USG, but when he’s not running a Keenite group or organising other events for Urban Saints Guildford, he is a qualified accountant, and also enjoys a multitude of sports. He would be delighted to help anybody with any queries related to Urban Saints.

Mobile: 07800 884933   Email: email_Jagat


Chairman: Mike Gibbons

About: Mike’s been involved with USG since he joined the group when he was 10 years old. Despite now being somewhat older, he remains a young person at heart with an unwavering commitment to serve young people in our town. Mike’s married to Hana and works in London as a management consultant.

Mobile: 07909 981275


Junior Section Leader (School Years 5-7): Ben Perkins 

About: Ben joined USG as early as he could when he was 9 and he’s been around ever since, loving every Friday night and camp he’s been on. He’s been on the junior team for over 2 years now and has recently left the senior section from being a lad. He’s now in his gap year and in his free time, he loves surfing and blacksmithing. He would love to chat with anyone interested in coming to juniors.

Mobile: 07472 051777   Email: email_BenP


Inter Section Leader (School Years 8-10): Alex Carvell

Email: email_AlexC


Safeguarding Lead &

Senior Section Leader (School Years 11-13): Paddy OveryProfile_Paddy

Email: email_Paddy



Health & Safety Lead: Laurie Owen




Group Treasurer: Marelise Carpenter

About: Marelise  kindly looks after our accounts and manages donations. If you are considering making a financial contribution to the group please contact Marelise and she’ll tell you how to go about doing so.

Email: email_Marelise


Prayer Group Leader: Lukey (Andy Lucas)

About: Lukey attended Urban Saints Guildford as a lad, later becoming a leader as both his sons attended the group. He now leads the Parents and Supporters’ Prayer Group, a hub for those wanting to keep in touch and pray for the activities of the group.


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