Special Events

Below you’ll find a little taster of just some of the special events that take place during the year both as a whole group or in specific section (age) groups.

All Group Activities:

The Big Splash
Every September, straight after our Summer Camp, we hire out the whole Guildford Lido. It’s a great evening of games and activities, good food, and best of all as much swimming as you can handle. If you’ve never been to Urban Saints before then this can be great introduction to the group. Just bring your swimming shorts and come join us.

Good Friday Event
So what’s good Friday all about?! Well come join us as at Easter as we spend the morning taking a walk through the life of Jesus and ultimately his death. Then in true USG style we’ll have lots of food before heading on out for an afternoon of energetic activities and games.

National Football competition
Forget the champions league the Urban Saints National football competition is where the top players strive to be! Join the Guildford football team as they take on other Urban Saints groups from across the country. The team bus head for Birmingham and what is guaranteed a great day out!

Ready4Action is a cross church initiative, coordinated by the Matrix Trust, with the aim of offering practical support to those people across Guildford who need it most. Each year USG send a team of lads and leaders to spend a Saturday getting stuck in to a variety of projects from heavy duty gardening to painting someone’s living room. It is a great way to serve the local community as well as a fun day out with your mates.

More details on Ready4Action can be found on the Matrix Trust Website

The Seniors (School Years 11 – 13)

Senior trip to France
With good food, sunny beaches, and the chance to ride on the four man boobaloos (bike type things) this is an ‘overseas’ day trip not to be missed. Try out your rusty French as you negotiate the markets and shops of the French town of Le Touque. We travel by minibus to Dover before jumping on a ferry for one memorable day out on the continent.

Anyone for Rugby?
Every now and again the seniors take a group of about 10 lads to watch a competitive game of Rugby at any one of the top London Clubs. It’s an action packed day out in London and one for sports fans and non sports fans alike. So if you like shouting loudly, waving your hands in the air and just generally having a good time then this trip is for you!

Senior Food and Film and Spa days
A couple of events that probably don’t really need much explaining! A great excuse to switch off from the pressures and stresses of school and hang out with your mates, and obviously eat as much food as you can!

The Inters (School Years 8 – 10)

Bring it, Build it, Bake it
Love the outdoors, Bear Grylls, and food? Then you’ll love this event. The Inters head over to some private woodlands near Farnham and learn how to survive in the wild! Armed with a selection of food, freshly caught at Tesco, and bearing just one match, the challenge is for each team to build a fire and contraption capable of cooking the food so that we can then eat it. Sounds easy? Well come along and find out! Parents please don’t worry we take all the necessary hygiene utensils including a food temperature tester…..so food hygiene and safety is top notch, honest!

Banger Racing
What do teenage lads love? Well one answer is definitely cars! Even better if those cars are racing round a track and bashing into each other at the same time. Throw some caravan racing in the mix and there’s always plenty of tyre screeching and high octane entertainment for us to enjoy! So join us as we head out for the day for an action packed, fuel filled time at the banger racing.

Splash Down
Get your swimming stuff ready as the inters head towards Bournmouth for one great day out. We head first for the town where we enjoy chilling out, doing a bit of shopping, and maybe the odd scavenger hunt. Lunch on the beach and a few games follow before we head to the almighty Splash Down! With a huge collection of flumes and river rapids (some of which venture outside), it’s the perfect cocktail for an Urban Saints day out.

Quite simply M.A.D stands for multi activity day – we must have been feeling super creative when thinking up that one! A great day involving a mixture of activities in the local area. So whether you’re into football, basketball, chilling watching films, cooking food, bowling, team challenges etc.

The Juniors (School Years 5 – 7)

London Lights
One of the absolutely highlights of USG! A brave group of both lads and leaders head to Guildford station as they embark on the trip that brings fear to many…..yes we’re heading to London at Christmas time! Pick up your last minute christmas gifts, head to Hamleys the world biggest toy store, check out the luxuries of Harrods, visit a winter wonderland, and obviously go see all the amazing lights of display. Throw some good food in the equation and you have one great day out.

Night Walks and Sleep Outs
Everyone’s a winner with this one! Lads get a fun night out playing games, annoying leaders, building shelters, having a BBQ, whilst the parents get a nice quiet evening in on their own! With some many great locations in and around Guildford the Juniors head out a couple of evenings in the year to enjoy some fresh air and at times a night under the stars. Great fun!

Saturday Safari
Ok, so it’s not the plains of Africa but a couple of hours down the road lies Longleat! This is home to a wide range of animals, many of which you can get up close and personal with. With a number of drive through enclosures it is a great opportunity to see which is tougher – The USG minibuses or the monkeys, lions and deer! Normally we come out worse off having lost a windscreen wiper and aerial. Oh well it’s always a fantastic day out, and for those that like country estates and beautiful gardens, they’re on offer too – although the lads strangely never seem interested in them?!

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