The Leaders

There are approximately 40 Leaders, both male and female, involved with USG in some capacity. All leaders are volunteers and when not at USG are involved in a real mixture of different careers and professions. We have university students, primary school teachers, an experienced mechanic, London based management consultants, a cinematographer, the odd sport scientist, and many many others! Having such a wide range of skills, gifts and experience provides an amazing basis for a strong and well equipped team, dedicated to our work and vision. What ties all our leaders together is a shared Christian faith, coming together from a wide range of churches across Guildford to form the unique community that is Urban Saints Guildford.

Body_TuftchillingbluebarrelMany of the leaders themselves came through the group but we also welcome others to the leadership team. We encourage our seniors when they reach 18 to join the leadership team and we provide training as they make the transition. The leadership team is aged from 18 through to around 60 years old. We have a real mix of both single and married leaders, and in some cases both husband and wife are involved in leading.

The leadership team is lead by our Chairman and Vice Chairman. To then help manage the group and to be able to ensure we remain relevant to the different age groups, Urban Saints is divided into three main age brackets which are the Juniors, Inter and Seniors. Each of these sections is then coordinated by an individual section leader. Details of these leaders can be found on our contacts page.

Body_ArmwrestleAll USG leaders and student helpers are registered with Urban Saints support centre and all have under gone DBS (formerly CRB) checks. Leaders operate in accordance with a Best Practice manual issued centrally and periodically training sessions are run locally and Nationally. The Urban Saints’ Policies regarding safety and child protection are based on guidelines for voluntary youth workers given by the government and other child-care agencies.

All activities undertaken by the Group are risk assessed and risk assessment documentation completed for all significant activities. A number of leaders are first aid trained and we have the expertise, and often the attendance at events, of a qualified paramedic and a nurse.

Urban Saints Guildford has both it’s own Child Protection policy and an Information, Communication and Technology Policy. All leaders and helpers are covered by the Urban Saints Public Liability Insurance Policy.

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