Residential Weekends

Junior Bash (Years 5 – 7)

Christmas is over, the new school term is already seeming like its going to last forever so what are you looking forward to next? Early in the year the Juniors head away from Guildford for an action-packed weekend at a youth hostel or activity centre (too cold for camping!). If you’re a parent you get a nice quiet weekend and if you’re a lad you get a fun weekend of pillow fights, snowball battles (weather permitting), outdoor games, swimming, crafts, team challenges and much much more. There will also be the chance to learn a little bit more about who Jesus was and how he might be relevant to us today! For more information or if you have any questions please go to the current Junior Bash event page or contact the Junior Section Leader.

Westbrook (Years 8 – 10)

At the end of November/early December the Inter section has their annual weekend on the Isle of Wight. The journey begins at Guildford Cathedral from where the group jump in minibuses and head to the Portsmouth ferry terminal. A short trip across the water and you soon arrive at the Isle of Wight, which is home to the Urban Saints residential centre known as ‘Westbrook’. This is the hub from where the Inters enjoy a weekend packed full of amazing activities. Outdoor laser quest, rugby, tug of war, assault courses, team games, scavenger hunts, and swimming are just a few of the things the inters get up to at Westbrook! It’s a great chance for lads in years 8 – 10 to meet with other lads their own age and to have a action packed weekend of (controlled) riotous fun. The weekend also provides an opportunity to learn about what it means to be a Christian living in the 21st century and how Jesus remains relevant to us today. Westbrook is definitely not an event to miss! For more information please contact the Inter Section Leader.

To read the report on Westbrook 2013, please follow this link.

Senior House Party (Years 11 – 13)

Body_CanoeingIt’s dark and rainy outside, you’ve had enough of school/college and you just want to get away for a while with your mates? If you’re in years 11-13 then there’s no better opportunity than our two Senior House Parties.

We go away for a weekend in October and February, for some time to relax with your mates, eat huge meals, try activities you probably won’t have tried before and begin to work out what this Christianity business means for your life. Over the past few years, we’ve been to a number of different locations and with activities ranging from caving and canoeing to our exciting London Challenge, it’s a no-brainer! For more information get in touch with the Senior Section Leader.

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