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ReBuild Mexico and ReBuild South Africa

ReBuild Mexico and Rebuild South Africa are special eleven-day experiences organised by National Urban Saints in partnership with the American charity Amor Ministries where a team of young people build a new home for a family living in really poor conditions. Lads and leaders from Urban Saints Guildford have been taking part in ReBuild projects every year since 2010 and have found it simply life-changing! ReBuild Mexico is typically made available to lads in year 10 and Rebuild South Africa to those in year 13.

Amor has been running for over 30 years and as part of their work facilitate opportunities for young people and teams from around the world to help build houses for families in desperate need. To date, Amor have built over 16,000 houses in Mexico alone, with 600 groups taking part in these incredible projects.

Body_Mexico_groupphotoThe basic building project will typically be an 11’x 22’ twin room home, with concrete foundation and timber frame. The structure is a simple design, ensuring that an unskilled group of people with a few hand tools can complete the project in as little as 5 days. Groups stay in a secure campsite provided by Amor and enjoy the pleasures of a bucket shower and simple outhouses for a bathroom.

Through this amazing opportunity to serve we hope to help develop a cross-cultural understanding where participants are encouraged to understand the reality of poverty and to help them realise the difference they can make back home in the UK through using their gifts and abilities to serve others.

For more information on how the team’s preparations are going for the ReBuild Mexico trip in April 2015, check out their latest news.

Contact us to find out about next year’s trips as you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on these life changing projects!

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