For the Parents

Whilst we are very much a youth group we’re excited to say that we do also have a number of events that take place within the year aimed at parents. Below are just a few of the examples.

Parents’ Cheese and Wine
If you like cheese, you like wine, and want to find out what really happens at Urban Saints Guildford throughout the year then don’t miss this awesome evening. Its a great opportunity to meet with other parents, get to know some of the leaders and to hear about what we’ve been up to over the year. We’ll give you access to action packed video with all the classic moments from a wide range of events and activities. We wouldn’t be surprised if by the end you want to sign up yourself!

Parents and Supporters’ Prayer Group
A dedicated group of supporter’s meet monthly to pray for the work of Urban Saints Guildford. If you would like to get involved, or would like to be added to the distribution list for the quarterly prayer letter, please get in touch with Alan.

Birthday Celebration
Just like any birthday, there’s cake, a good crowd, the odd speech, and maybe a spot of singing! So why not join us when we celebrate another year of an amazing work that started over 100 years ago. There’ll be the chance to meet with the leaders and find out what the years to come might hold for the group.

Consider Supporting Us
We wouldn’t be able to operate if it wasn’t for the wide range of volunteers and supporters that make our work possible. There are a number of ways that you might be able to get involved ranging from being a regular leader or even helping to set up one of our camps. Find out more about ways in which you can support us.

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