Annual Camps

We have been offering exciting, action packed, faith inspiring holidays at USG for over 100 years, and to this day they continue to be the highlight of the calendar year! With a huge selection of activities including go-karting, coasteering, climbing, rifle shooting, sleep outs, scavenger hunts, talent competitions, and much much more, it’s easy to understand why lads of all ages come back year after year. It’s a great chance for lads to enjoy time away in a safe and secure environment, experience a taste of the real outdoors, gain awesome lifelong memories, and build new friendships with other lads. The parents get a nice quiet house, and their son(s) get an action packed time away that we guarantee they’ll be talking about for many months!

The lads are divided into ‘tent groups’ according to their age, with two experienced male adult leaders in charge of each tent giving a lad to leader ratio of about 4:1. Some of the activities involve everybody on Camp, whist others take place in smaller groups. We work hard to obtain a balance of free time and organised activities.

As with all our activities we also aim to challenge and stimulate the lads to discover what the bible says about Jesus, and His relevance to our lives today. This is achieved through a variety of short meetings, interactive workshops and then smaller tent group discussions.

Summer Camp

This is the big one! For two weeks each year, Summer Camp takes place in one of our two fabulous sites in Cornwall and Pembrokeshire. Summer Camp is a chance to get away from it all with your mates, do new, exhilarating activities and spend some time looking at the Bible and its impact on our lives. With highlights including the legendary Nark Hunt, Tide fight, go-karting, coasteering and canoeing, you’d be mad to miss it!


“Best two weeks of the year without a doubt” – Theo, Summer Camp 2012


“You don’t want to miss Summer Camp it’s epic” – Dan, Summer Camp 2011

Whitsun Camp

If you simply can’t wait until August for the chance to experience an Urban Saints Guildford camp, then why not join us at our Whitsun (Whit) Camp? Whit Camp is three and a half days of madness in a field in Waverley – just half an hour south of Guildford. You’ll get to try your hand at shelter building, swimming, paint-balling and Iron Ball (rugby with a twist). Bring your super-soaker and some shaving foam to annoy the leaders and you’re ready!


“All my mates in one place having such a fun weekend, brilliant!” – Jamie, Whitsun Camp 2012


“I’ll definitely be coming back next year, I had a great time” – Josh, Whitsun Camp 2013

Who can go?

Our annual camps are open to lads of all ages within Urban Saints Guildford. If you know of someone who else who would like to come along on one of our camps, or if you have any questions then please do contact us. Our Camps are a great opportunity for lads and are the highlight of our year, so don’t miss out!

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