Our History

Urban Saints Guildford been running since 1910 (yes, that’s over 100 years!) although up until 2007 we were known as Guildford Crusaders.

The group was started by a man called Doc. Pimm, who when out walking on Pewley Downs one Sunday afternoon came across a group of teenage lads with nothing to do. As a Christian, Doc was surprised that this particular group of lads had no interest in church or faith and so was keen to tackle this, along with their obvious boredom. It was out of this chance meeting that the Urban Saints Guildford formed, and has continued to thrive in Guildford throughout the years, including during the two World Wars.

One of the great things about the group is that apart from changing the name from Guildford Crusaders in 2007, and moving location a few times, the group that exists today is not miles apart from that of 1910. The principal reason why we meet remains the same; to explore the Christian Faith and to have a great time with our mates in a safe and secure environment. We still love our camping, which is at the heart of our year calendar, and we continue to enjoy meeting up weekly to hang out and get stuck in to a variety of energetic and ladish games.

Our purpose built hall, located brilliantly at the top of Stoke Park in Guildford, provides us with the perfect hub from which to operate. As well as our regular activities we run many exciting events and trips throughout the year, ranging from day trips out to weeks away camping. These provide great opportunities to not only take part in some thrilling activities, but also for the lads to make lifelong friends! At our recent centenary celebration it was clear from the audience that hundreds of people across generations have been impacted by the group that one man set up so many years ago.


Medicine ball – 1950′s


The Junior section – 1955

With a dedicated team of volunteer leaders we continue to deliver an exhilarating programme and the chance to explore what the Christian faith is all about and how it is relevant for us today. Urban Saints Guildford is a great meeting place for both those who might be familiar with the Christian faith but maybe find church a challenge, and then those who have no connection with a faith at all.


Cycle relay at camp


Outside the hall – 1985

As a group we’re keen to make USG as accessible as possible, so to this day we do not ask lads to pay to be a part of the group. Through the generous donations of our supporters we also aim to keep the costs of special trips and camps to a minimum.
Why not find out how you go about joining the group as we can guarantee you there is never a dull moment!

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