Summer Camp 2020

body_JBash17Summer Camp 2020 didn’t see us travelling to Cornwall, but instead to the significantly closer destination of Farnham.

So, what happened…………………

With Coronavirus restrictions in place, it looked for a while that our annual Summer Camp would have to be cancelled. However, as Guildford (Crusaders, now Urban Saints) Summer Camp has run every year since the end of WWII, and even for a few years during it, we couldn’t let 2020 be the year without, even if it couldn’t have quite the same traditional format.


Instead of pitching tents in Polzeath or on the Lizard, James and Matt instead set up the local Waverley Abbey woodland site with loads of different activities…

…water slide, remote control car, camp fire, drones, bb guns, aerial slide, wild-slings, paintball…

Each Keenite group had 2 days on site to do whatever activities they wanted, with a BBQ in the evening.

To quote one of the year 11 lads:

“Summer Camp is definitely one of my favourite events of the year. Even though it was only 2 days this year it was still easily a highlight. With the thrill of being shot by paintball guns, shooting the leaders, volleyball and then the quiet times of the bible studies and talks.

Overall, easily one of the best things that has happened this year and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”



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