ReBuild 2015- Fundraising update #1

Body_ReBuild14_woodOnce again the lads from Urban Saints Guildford are gearing up for their trip to Mexico next April.

Fundraising is off to a good start, read more to find out what has been happening…………………..

This year there are 12 lads all from school year 10 going with 4 leaders, the ideas this year for their fundraising have been very imaginative and in some cases physically challenging.

Ollie Hanlon was the first to be inspired to begin raising some of his funds by cycling from Guildford all the way to Brighton. The day he went was wet and very cold and getting over the South Downs was very muddy. Well done Ollie – a brilliant effort which then inspired some of the others in the group.

Jamie Cuin worked hard as a salesperson for a day at a local Car Boot Sale and then on another occasion, he and Archie Mansfield did a sponsored 60km cycle ride all over the South Downs taking in some of the route of the Olympic Athletes. They survived in spite of a couple of punctures. Well done Jamie and Archie and well done parents for meeting them at designated places to supply the back up.

A Mexican Tea Party has been held where invited friends and family where persuaded to book various jobs with the lads, such as gardening, car washing, babysitting etc. Guests at this event were able to see videos of the project and asked to donate as well.

Body_ReBuild15_fundraisingtrain3 lads took advantage of a school INSET day and persuaded one of their Dad’s to take a day off work to spend it on the London Underground! Ollie, Oli and Sam (plus Dad) took on the Tube Challenge. The record for this is officially visiting all 270 stations in just over 16 hours. This amazing group of 4 managed 135 stations in 8 hours. Surely this has to be some kind of record too!!. As their sponsorship was ‘per station’ , these lads have been really grateful for the generosity of their supporters – some of whom we fear may have been caught out a little by the total they promised!!

Another talented young lad George Rew, has been consistently working away with the car washing, gardening and other jobs but he is also giving weekly piano lessons to a young student. George is also in the process of organizing a concert in the new year. Well done George. James Llewellyn has found another way to raise money through the ‘Phil the Bag’ scheme. A charity will pay for donated wearable clothes per bag as long as you have a minimum of 40 bags. James has just about achieved that and a date in January has been fixed for collection.

Well done to all the lads for all your inspiring efforts. It is only some of the more major things mentioned here and you all need congratulating for the on going things you are doing.

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