Good Friday Event

Apr ’17
10:00 AM

Where: Drop off and collect from the USG Hall
When: Fri 14th April, 10am
Who: School years 5 – 13
Cost: Free


What’ll you be doing on Good Friday?

On Good Friday, USG has a special, all-ages, all-day event, helpfully called ‘The Good Friday Event’ where we meet all together to spend some time exploring the Good Friday message in different and creative ways, before heading off after a tasty lunch to enjoy some classic USG games up on St Martha’s.

Mud, tyres, lives, bundling, running, tree-climbing, sand-bank-rolling…

What to bring?:
1 – Wear old clothes
2 - A mate or two

Many people at USG first came when a friend brought them along to a Good Friday Event

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